Shake Up is a social enterprise tackling youth unemployment.

One of the most common things we hear from employers is that our young people need experience. But how do they receive experience without experience in the first place? Especially if there have beenĀ barriers that have prevented that in the first place.

We believe in our young people, and in providing an opportunity for them to thrive.

We are a food caravan selling smoothies in summer, soups in winter and coffees (amongst other things), purely as a vehicle to empowering our young people with skills and situations that they can take with them anywhere.

Shake Up has come about from the culmination of experiences and observations. We have found that:

  • young people love having mentors and role models, and many of our young people involved with the justice department don’t have access to positive role models
  • employers want to hire people with experience
  • people learn in vastly differently ways – some through teaching, some through hands-on experience
  • leaving school early does not define your intelligence; sometimes school is not the right fit for people.
  • it is a huge risk for employers to hire young people who have no work experience or credentials – and it is not in their best interest as a business to mentor and provide counselling for attitude, characteristics and foundational discipline

We don’t take it for granted that everyone has been shown the critical steps needed to be work ready. We will provide a practical training ground to ensure that our young people are employable when they move on from Shake Up.


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